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Geethanjali Malayalam Movie Review – Theater Reports

The most awaited Mohanlal – Priyadarshan movie Geethanjali is released today. This movie produced by G P Vijayakumar Uunder The Banner Seven Arts International. This suspense horror thriller written by Dennis Joseph. The writer Dennis Joseph has clearly stated that the movie isn’t a sequel to Manichitrathaazhu but another experience of Dr Sunny in his professional life. Innocent & Ganeshkumar will be reprising their characters, Unnithan & Dasappan, from Manichitrathaazhu.

Geethanjali Malayalam Movie Review

Geethanjali Malayalam Movie Review

After the first show, The  movie Geethanjali now getting very good theater response from all over Kerala. The most thrilling moment of the movie is the climax suspense twist. And another positive things is that the Horror Scenes, it is one of the best when compares to the other horror movies released in Malayalam.

Mohanlal’s introduction is after 50 mins from the beaning of the movie, it is little bit late.Comedy scenes of Innocent-Mohanlal is strikes again. Also the new actress keerthi suresh is perform well.

Geethanjali Movie Theater Reports

Geethanjali Movie Theater Reports

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Here is some brief analysis

Good 1st half
Lalettan’s intro after 50 mins
Lalettan as Dr sunny…strikes again!!!
Innocent-Lalettan good comedies
Good BGM
Best horror scenes of mollywood
Thrilling 2nd half
Great direction from priyadarsan
Good performance from keerthi suresh,Nazzar
Good climax twist


Verdict: SuperHit

Rating: 3.0/5

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