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Praise The Lord Malayalam Movie Stills, Review And Cast

Praise the Lord is an upcoming Malayalam movie directed by Shibu Gangadharan, starring Mammootty and Reenu Mathews in lead roles. It is the second time where actress Reenu Mathews join together with Mammootty, and the first film was Immanuel. This movie will be produced by Milan Jaleel under Galaxy Films, and Pala is the main location of this film. Along with Mammootty, actor Mukesh is also playing another important character in this movie.

Praise The Lord

Praise The Lord

The movie Praise the Lord is a pure adaptation of Zacharia’s novel ‘Praise The Lord’, which also has the same title. In this movie  Mammootty plays as very rich farmer living in Pala and his character name is Joy.  He is hardly aware of the life beyond his small town in Pala as he didn’t get much chance to explore the outside world. But one day, a boy and girl who are love in each other, and they change Joy’s outlook on life. This is the main story line up of this movie.

The director Shibu Gangadhara plans to release this movie on March 2014. It is one of the main release of Mammootty in the year 2014, and other main releases are Aashiq Abu’s Gangster, Balyakalasaki etc. Below you can see the latest photos from the movie Praise the Lord. Write your expectations about this movie below.